What We Do

Coffee is one of the most complex things we consume. Every stage of the production process, from the hand picked cherry to the carefully roasted coffee we provide, has a story and significantly contributes to the final taste in the cup. There is a profound difference between freshly roasted craft coffee and the bland, generic beans that so many believe to be the only thing out there. We are committed to roasting only the highest quality coffee, from ethically sourced farms, in a way that brings out the natural flavors hidden within by paying detailed attention to each stage of the roasting process.

Cultivating true friendships with everyone involved in our coffee production cycle is one of our highest priorities. We find ourselves working harder when we know that our partners will directly benefit as a result; plus, it makes work so much more fun. We are dedicated to operating with full financial transparency with each of our direct source partners, as our goal is to create a lasting relationship built on trust and mutual growth. To this end, we commit to paying each of our partners well above what qualifies as "fair trade".

Who we are

The name Crowded House came from our commitment to fellowship. After years of many wonderful conversations, much laughter and even some tears over a simple cup of coffee, we have experienced that God made us all for community and that no person was meant to be alone. Jesus was often surrounded by crowds. People would cut holes in roofs just to see Him. Typically, when your house is crowded, good memories are created and friendships strengthened.

There are few things that are more associated with friendship than coffee. Almost uniquely, coffee is a fixture in both the pursuit of knowledge as well as relationship. Coffee shared with a friend usually involves intentional listening and quality time - a stark contrast to many normative pastimes in our culture today. Coffee is also a great way to serve a friend, to host a group, or to wake up and spend time reading or in prayer. 

A crowded house, for us, has always symbolized a place of joy and fellowship, where a hot (or iced) cup of coffee and a warm smile are not hard to find. We hope that you find many opportunities to enjoy our coffee with friends and loved ones.