Costa Rica - Monte Vista (Bulk) - Crowded House Coffee
Costa Rica - Monte Vista (Bulk) - Crowded House Coffee

Costa Rica - Monte Vista (Bulk)

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Monte Vista coffee farm is part of a larger organization called ICDI (Indigenous Culture Development International) who focus on presenting the gospel to the Cabécar natives in their area. ICDI has their hands in many different community development projects and this coffee farm is a small extension of what they do. Alekcey and Judith Murillo, the managers of the farm, are incredible, humble people who are quickly becoming good friends. We were able to visit the farm in July and observe/discuss growing and processing methods with the staff. We were also able to observe some other ICDI operations including a dental clinic and a locally owned restaurant that the organization helped fund.  Our stay there gave us a real sense of the tremendous impact they have had on the surrounding community.

As a side bonus, Monte Vista produces some of the most delicious coffee we have ever had from Costa Rica. The farm is located at high altitude which produces a denser bean with complex flavors. They use a honey process where the mucilage of the coffee cherry is dried with the seed, giving the coffee a rich sweetness in the cup.

We have been tasting a creamy papaya or banana like sweetness with hints of pecan as well as a bittersweet chocolate aroma.